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Making Money from Videos.
On the 27th of November 2017 Nicole Martin and Michael Bourne gave a talk at the Coffs Coast Innovation Hub. The talk was about a 30 second video which Michael made money without any real plan. Here is Michaels story, including a timeline of events and resources that may help to make your journey to be far easier and more successful.


My Huntsman Spider Jumps

About the Video Clip

Timeline of Events

Setting up for Cash

Setting up account before income licencing revenue rolls in..

Create your PayPal Account
Account Eligibility: Must be 18 years or older and have a valid email address. You may need to have a parent or guardian willing to use their account on your behalf. See Legal Agreement (Our Relationship > Eligibility: 3.7a vi.).

Link your PayPal Account to your Bank
You may like to link a bank account to your PayPal account just in case you need to withdraw some of your PayPal money for real world transactions at a business that does not yet accept PayPal transactions. Likewise you might need to "top up" your PayPal account with cash to make online purchasing easier (especially if you dont use a credit card).

Create a Youtube Account
There are age restrictions. You might need to set up an account through a parent or guardian. Setup a Youtube Channel on your account (You used to have to attain 25 subscribers before you could setup a Youtube Channel. They may have relaxed that rule more recently).
Log in to your Youtube Account and upload your first video from that device (eg. Laptop or smartphone). Dont forget to give the video a meaningful Title and Description. Later you can edit the file and add tags that describe what the video is about. Internet trolls can be a problem and you might want to turn off your video comments section. There are pros and cons which need to be considered. Get Likes, Shares and Follows. Encourage your immediate contacts to have a look at your first video and take on board any improvement suggestions. If they like the video ask if they would mind sharing it with their network.

Declaring Income
You may be asked to fill in an overseas income tax declaration. I found it to be confronting and confusing so I suggest you seek help from someone who understands the questions. Some countries have tax agrements and examptions in place so it is important that you fill in the correct form for compliance but also to recieve the largest possible benefit from any excemptions etc.
Tax Crackdown / Foreign Income / Foreign Income Tax Offset.

After Initial Setup

Either be pro-active & join Video Licencing Sites early. Rather than waiting for your video to get noticed and go viral it might be easier and more beneficial to setup an account with a video licencing company and move onto the next clip. Revenue might be lower because you have sold out your bargaining power, however there are unforseen benefits from partnering with a company that does this sort of thing everyday.


Hope for the Best
Wait until your video goes viral - in my case it happened via comments made on Reddit.com (out of my control), The video on Youtube started hitting 25,000 views per day. On the 4th day I recieved about 6 enquires from Video Licencing companies contacting me and offering me better deals and sweteners. Quickly Compare Offers, research the companies and make a decision about allowing a Company to Manage the rights to your clip. Next you must read, agree to and sign the legal paperwork (14 page contract).

Either way
you should still fill in an overseas tax declaration and also ensure that your Youtube Channel is set up correctly and Verified.

Beyond the First Clip
Dont be a 1 hit wonder, develop a theme such as "How To" videos or "unboxing" videos and try to be regular and consistent with your uploads (maybe weekly if possible). Go beyond my level... Learn about Periscope, Twitch, Go Pro, Webcam, Dashcam & Dronecam Look into Live Streaming, Lighting, Sound, Backgrounds Practice being relaxed in front of (or behind) the video. Share your experiences and enjoy it while it lasts. I will endeavour to chase up some of the information I have mentioned above such as a copy of the Licencing Agreement, The Overseas Tax Declaration etc.

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Backdrop Source
Vimeo: Help Center > Video Compression Guidelines

























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