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About Infotek3000.
Mission Statement: We provide our clients with high value marketing & support. Established 1996. We specialise in Business Directory Advertising and Web/Print Combo's. We also offer Media Planning, Print Design and Digital Creatives.


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Free Delivery Australia-wide.
Our Head Office is in Coffs Harbour NSW.
We have a strong presence on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.
We have Agents in Sydney, Benowa (Gold Coast),
Banora Point, Armidale and Port Macquarie.
We have designed and sent work as far away as England and New Zealand.
Branches & Affiliates - We are always seeking Referral Affiliates.
Our reach so far.

BBX Member since 2004
We have approximately 1000 repeat clients
We offer a with a selection of affordable "Mixed-Media Solutions"
including Media Planning, Design, Web/Print/Social
Combo Advertising on Full Trade.

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