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Michael Bourne (Infotek3000)
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Our team can help. We aim to help your business reach its potential ever day and within your budget. We specialise in Online Business Directory Advertising alongside Design & Print Advertising. Our Web/Print Combo Deals are just what todays business needs. Our Print Design Service covers your traditional local market while our Web Advertising Service ensures that customers can find you faster, and when your prospects land, they love what they see. Prioritize your Combo Advertising to make sure that you're getting the most out of organic search as well as passing trade.

Based in Australia. We accept Australian Dollars and BBX$. From $99 per year*. Get a summary of your business plus social links in our content-rich, search-engine friendly business directory. It's part of a larger strategy called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Higher level plans include backlinks, sub-links and business cards. Plans are payable in advance. You may opt-out at any time, however the unused portion is non-refundable.


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