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Kumiai Ryu Forbes
Martial Arts System of Self Defence. Real Karate, Muay Thai, Grappling, Kung-Fu Weaponry and Tai Ki Ken. Fully NCAS Accredited Instructors. Karate grades are recognised in Okinawa. Muay Tai Instructors have trained in Thailand. You never stop learning Martial Arts. Martial Arts is a continuous progression. Tony's goal is to constantly hone his skills so he can offer the students more and says that as you get older you get to appreciate it a bit more.



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Forbes Youth &
Community Centre
Forbes 2871
NSW Australia

KRMAS Main Page

Dojo Instructor (Parkes & Forbes)
David Shultze

Mobile: 0428 626 050
Email: parkesdojo@krmas.com.au

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Century Martial Arts Supplier
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