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Jack Knife, The Crashing of a Policeman - The Book
By Paul 'Little Jack' Horner. NSW Police & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jack Knife is the story of Paul Horner’s journey as a fully operational Police Officer working at some for the busiest and hardest police stations within the State of New South Wales (NSW). Jack Knife is about Trust. It is about Loyalty. It is about Mateship. It is about Courage and Determination. It is about trusting others with your life and others trusting you with theirs. Jack Knife is an all inspiring book about, not only the NSW Police Force, but a Policeman with two arms, two legs and a heartbeat. In other words a regular human being just doing his best to serve his State the only way he knew how. Published by Zeus Publications. ISBN: 978-1-921919-08-4


About the Book

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About the Book...
JACK KNIFE is the story of my journey as a fully operational police officer working at some of the busiest and hardest police stations within the state of New South Wales (NSW) in which I had the priviledge of being both an apprentice and a leader.

I discuss my career from beginning to end and the failing of the system which I trusted and believed in as a result of the lessons learned and instilled in us whilst at the Police Academy.

JACK KNIFE is about Trust. It is about Loyalty. It is about Mateship. It is about Courage and Determination. It is about trusting others with your life and others trusting you with theirs. JACK KNIFE not only discusses Integrity and Human Rights, but raises questions relating to 'normal standards' within Society and debates them from a logistical aspect and environment from which I was subjected to.
JACK KNIFE contains a range of operational police stories varying between saving peoples lives through to almost losing my own and an array of stories in between. My story gives the reader an insight into my life as a policeman and my demise thereafter.

I discuss issues that I personally have lived through and been part of, and in many cases most people have only seen on television.

The purpose of my book is to educate the community about what Police do as part of their duties coupled with the life and death situations they are faced with regularly. In addition I wish to arm aspiring Police Officers with information that will assist them in making clever decisions and educate them about the signs & symptoms of PTSD ultimately providing them with an opportunity to manage their lives productively keeping them healthy and in the job they love to do.
Ultimately JACK KNIFE has been written to educate not only serving Police Officers and their families but the general public. This book is the TRUTH as to what really goes on behind the front line of the Policing world. I have written this book with the intention of assisting those that have been diagnosed with PTSD. In addition I wish to put positive pressure on every Police Force within Australia so that the engine room of the Force is looked after the way in which they deserve to be looked after and treated with respect, just as the management expect our Police to treat members of the public.

After all, Police are human too and deserve to be treated like human beings as opposed to being treated like the robots we are publicly at times made to be by Police management and the media.

JACK KNIFE is an all inspiring book about not only the NSW Police Force, but a Policeman with two arms, two legs and a heartbeat. In other words a regular human being just doing his best to seve his State the only way he knew how.
High Praise For Jack Knife...
"Jack Knife - The Crashing of a Policeman may not be dissimilar to a plethora of other stories, however the difference is that he has bravely chosen to make his policing experiences - and his subsequent suffering public. ... But in doing so he is to be highly commended & admired."

Ted Bassingthwaighte NSW Police News January 2012


Photo Courtesy: Karl Hofman

Jack Knife used as basis for Academic Research...
In July 2015 at the Australian Institute of Criminology's 15th International Symposium on World Society of Victimology in Perth, Andrew Paterson from Flinders University (South Australia) delivered a Presentation under the Category of 'Perceptions on Policing' entitled: "Police as victims of crime: Building resilience in contemporary Policing"

Jack Knife, The Crashing of a Policeman was one of 8 Autobiographies used by Andrew Paterson as a basis for his Research.

To read Andrew Paterson's Presentation, please click here -
July 2015 Police as victims of crime: Building resilience in contemporary Policing PDF File

Jack Knife used as a Resource by Canadian Police...
The Canadian Police College Library has Jack Knife listed as a Resource under the Category of 'Stress'.
Rarely does one get an insight into the world of a police officer as recounted in Paul Horner’s book. Paul’s story is one of a childhood dream, of shattered illusions, a life out of control, trauma, and ultimately of healing. You, like many other Australians who have a fascination for law and order in our society, will find this both an informative and emotionally touching read. A human story of the person behind the uniform.

I first met Paul when he was admitted to the private psychiatric clinic at which I have worked for the past ten years as a psychologist. My work focuses on patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), as well as other anxiety and mood disorders, and substance-abuse issues. Paul had been admitted as an in-patient to deal with issues related to all of the above. Upon discharge from the hospital, I continued to see Paul in my private practice.

Paul’s story comes at a time when understanding mental health issues and the impact they have on individuals, families and the community, are evermore important. Police today are regularly in the spotlight of the media, often putting their lives on the line, having to be accountable for their actions, what is less in the spotlight is the accountability of the systems within the Police Force to protect its members from suffering the impacts of this high-risk work.

Through this story Paul systematically and engagingly takes us through the world of policing on the front line weaving together both the highs and lows of this life from a very personal and brutally honest perspective.

His journey of recovery from this has been a long and at times arduous ordeal, I have witnessed Paul go through the depths of despair, relapsing into his old patterns of coping with excessive drinking, confronting his traumatic memories, gradually working through them and dealing with the trials of extricating himself from a life he didn’t want to let go of. He has had periods of highs, only to sink into deep depressions again. We have gone through this cycle many times over the past few years.

I have talked on many occasions with Paul about publishing this book and I know his hopes are that people will read this not only to gain an insight into PTSD and the pressures police are under, but to prompt action within the NSW Police Force, to highlight the need for better support for police officers, to prevent others from engaging in self-destructive behaviours, to encourage change within a profession he still admires and grieves over.

Paul is now rebuilding his life, he still has the occasional nightmare and will still have flashbacks, but he now has the courage and skills to manage these times. He is building a new career for himself and his family and relies on his own ability to cope rather than using alcohol.

Philippa Kelly BSc (Psych), Grad Dip (Psych)

I write this book in dedication to, and in the memory of the late Gregory Michael Jackson.

Jacko was a fantastic Police Officer whom I had the pleasure of working with at Cabramatta and Bourke Police Stations. He was a true gentleman who loved and adored his friends, family and work mates. He had one of the most fun loving personalities one could ever encounter with a special way of making the average Joe Blow feel safe and welcome once in his presence. Jacko was a man who was loved and spoken about far and wide, and without doubt a tremendous mate of mine and many others WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT.
Purchase the Book...

Signed Copy from the Author
If you would like a Signed Copy directly from the Author (Paul Horner) please click on the above link to be taken to the Contact Form or email Paul Horner at: crumbshorner@hotmail.com

The Publisher (Zeus Publications)



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