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Wian's Thai Massage.
Authentic Thai Massage - Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Relaxation Massage. Wian's total focus is all about you: the client. For each client Wian customizes a treatment and attempts to exceed client expectations by not only helping clients to cope with their ailments but by assisting them to achieve real and lasting structural body improvement.


Coffs Harbour NSW
Wian Hookway for Authentic Thai Massage

Sanctuary Resort
For bookings call Wian
Mobile: 0434 778 230

Whether for sport, remedial or relaxation, Thai massage has been proven to induce calm, reduce feelings of anxiety, improve quality of sleep as well as help relieve pain and muscle tension. Typical Issues Include Back Pain, Headaches, Whiplash, Neck Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Stress, Hip Pain, Lack of Sleep, Nerve Damage, Muscle Tightness, Arthritis and Soft Tissue Injury. Wian has assembled the most capable, qualified massage team with a passion for client care, to re-generate, re-invigorate and relax you.


"After 50 years of sitting behind a desk doing nothing but clerical work and 20 years ago being involved in an accident which required me to have a spinal fusion at the base of my neck I have developed numerous back, neck and shoulder ailments. These ailments at times caused me severe pain. Sometimes unable to walk or sit without extreme pain. On occasions I was unable to drive my motor vehicle because of pain and untold nights of pain so intense unable to sleep. These problems gradually became worse until I was forced to stop playing golf due to the pain in my back and neck. I decided to give Wain a ring to make an appointment to have a session of Thai Deep Tissue Massage as a last resort. After 2 visits I had become almost completely free of pain and am back playing golf without one twinge in my back and neck and my movement and mobility in these 2 areas has improved 100%. I am continuing to see Wain on a regular basis as she now working on my flexibility which has also improved out of site. My phone call to Wian was without a doubt the best phone call I have ever made." - Ian Parker (13/11/13)