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Crystal Clear Tanks.
Water Tank Cleaning & Repairs. Advice on Best Methods of Collecting Water, Full/Empty Tanks Cleaned, Minimal Loss of Water, First Flush Devices, Leaf Beaters Installed. Tanks Repaired using Cementatious/Crystallization Method. No Liners Required. All Forms of Concrete Cancer & Crack Repairs. Prompt Service.


Coffs Coast / Mid North Coast NSW

Crystal Clear Tanks - Water Tank Cleaning, Repairs, Sales and Installations (Profile by Infotek3000)
PO Box 328
Coffs Harbour 2450
NSW Australia


Steve Millward
Mobile: 0411 280 696
Phone/AH: (02) 6652 1765
Fax: (02) 6652 7787

Dirty water to Clean water. Mud on tank floor. Sludge from tank.
Water Tank Cleaning & Repairs

Crystal Clear Tanks cleans and repairs water tanks

It is essential to maintain your rain water tank to ensure your water is safe to drink. ‘Crystal Clear Tanks’ is your answer to keeping your full or empty rainwater tank pristine clean. Our cleaning method ensures minimal loss of water. We clean concrete, poly, fibreglass and galvanised iron tanks.

‘Crystal Clear Tanks’ also repair concrete water tanks. We use specialised cement based products for restoration of cracks and holes in tanks. Our repair methods eliminate the need for plastic liners which makes the repair more cost effective and durable than installing a liner.

‘Crystal Clear Tanks’ offer you prompt and reliable services to the Mid North Coast including Coffs Harbour and the surrounding areas; Grafton, Woolgoolga, Bellingen, Dorrigo, Nambucca and Macksville. Discounts are available for multiple water tank cleans.

In your water tank, harmful bacteria levels increase when a build up of debris decompose on the bottom of the tank leading to a thick layer of sediment. This can result in blocked water filters, washing machine filters, etc. This debris may consist of leaves, plant blossoms, bird droppings, dust, ash, etc from the roof, or dead insects and animals including rats, snakes, toads, etc that enter the tank through the down pipes, manhole or overflow pipe. These nasties can all result in smelly and bad tasting water.

We can implement the following measures for clean drinking water from your tank; 1. Install overflow pipe flaps to minimise mosquito breading and vermin entering the tank. 2. Install leaf beaters and first flush diverters. Leaf beaters filter leaves entering through the down pipes while first flush diverters prevent the first runoff of water from entering the tank. 3. Regular water tank cleaning. Additionally, you should always ensure gutters are kept clean and free of debris. This may include installing gutter guard and pruning trees near the roof.

The enHealth Council of Australia (associated with federal, state and local government) states, "All tanks should be examined for accumulation of sediments every 2-3 years or if sediment is evident in the water flow." They recommend tank cleaning and installation of first flush devices to ensure your water is clean, free from bad odours and not discoloured.

Water Tank Cleaning and Repairing

Crystal Clear Tanks has operated on the Mid North Coast based in Coffs Harbour since 2002. We have a range of water tank services including water tank cleaning, concrete tank repairs and installation of first flush devices and leaf beaters.

For tank cleaning we use a specialised method to remove the sludge, sediment and other foreign matter from the tank to leave clean, hygienic water. We can clean full tanks with minimal water loss as well as empty tanks.

We also use a specialised waterproofing method to repair concrete water tanks avoiding the need for costly plastic liners. Firstly, we adequately prepare the tank to achieve the best possible outcome for the repair (good preparation is a vital key to a lasting repair). We then patch the cracks and holes with a waterproofing, plugging product that will prevent and stop water leaks and seeps. The last option is to apply a waterproof slurry to the entire inside area of the tank.

The proprietor, Steve Millward, has all necessary qualifications and certifications to provide services. He holds a work cover construction induction, confined spaces certificate and has undertaken various courses to become an approved applicator for two company's tank repair products as well as holding necessary public liability to undertake work.

When enquiring about a tank clean or repair, you should be first familiar with the volume of your tank. Water tanks commonly come in 3 main sizes; 5000, 10000 or 20000 gallon. To aid with the calculation of the tank size we have provided a calculator using the tank dimensions.