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BBX Sydney CBD.
Don't pay it, BBX it! Business to business exchange. Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Try our membership for free, ask me how.


Sydney CBD

BBX Corporate
Suite 706
109 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000
NSW Australia


Shekhar Bhutkar
Phone: (02) 9499 1107
Phone: (02) 9499 1176
Mobile: 0466 100 990
Email: shekhar@bbxworld.com

Coming Soon
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About BBX
Established in April 1993, BBX is the largest Trade Exchange Network in the world.

Currently operational in eight countries with over 15,000 card holders and 250 staff, BBX continues its expansion into the all-important marketplace of the Asia-Pacific region. BBX is a credit and debit card system that enables businesses to access a variety of goods and services in a less competitive marketplace, offering a range of financial benefits not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems.

BBX International has established master franchises in India, Costa Rica, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, and heads of agreements are now in place with two other countries.

BBX's Mission
is to deliver a GLOBAL CASHLESS PAYMENT PLATFORM that is fair, equitable and highly profitable to all BBX members, and at all times community and socially responsible. Using a currency known as BBX trade dollars BBX allows member businesses to increase sales, create cost savings, and improve the general financial performance of their business by taking advantage of spare or under-utilised capacities, all of which improve their bottom line profitability."


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