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Westaway Paints.
Providing quality paints to Armidale, and large range of Products and Advice to Armidale and the New England region. We stock Ultra Premium brands to Premium Brands to suit every budget, through the buying power of Paint Right. With over 30 years combined experience in the retail and paint industry we can assist you in choosing the right product and colour to give your home, business or investment property a new lease of life. "Paint Right from start to finish".


Armidale NSW

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114 Taylor Street
Armidale 2350
NSW Australia

Can I still paint on a cold day?
The drying process is severely retarded and paints, especially solvent based paints completely stop drying when the temperature is or falls below 10 degrees. This is why manufacturers put a statement on their labels advising against painting in cold conditions. Even when the temperature is 14 or 15 degrees, the drying time of the coating is going to be dramatically affected, so it must always be taken into consideration. On cold days stop painting about mid afternoon so that the paint gets a chance to dry to a certain extent before the cold overnight temperatures and dew sets in.

When do I need to apply a primer?
A primer should be applied to any surface that has never been painted before. A primer provides and even surface of porosity for the next paint. So even a surface stripped of old paint could need a primer.

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