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Mobile Frosting.
Frosted glass creates privacy with very little light reduction. Frosted glass diffuses the light to create an opaque barrier. Phone 0414 547 948 for free measure and quote.


Sydney NSW

Based in Sydney
NSW Australia

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Phone: 0414 547 948

Create privacy in your bathrooms or offices, on your balcony or any garden areas. Add creative distinction to any window or area that requires more privacy. Browse through some of our examples, or suggest your own designs. Any job whether large or small is welcomed. No job too small. We specialise in Window Frosting using the very latest frosted window film. When we apply Window Frosting film to your bathroom or office windows your room is instantly private. Unlike blinds or curtains, Window Frosting takes up no space. So for smaller rooms, like bathrooms or an ensuite, the room will appear brighter and often look bigger. Glass frosting is a great, cost effective window treatment for renovations, or just updating. Window Frosting is often a far less expensive window treatment than curtains or vertical blinds. Unlike curtains or blinds which need to be closed to give you privacy, window frosting does not block the light. It diffuses the light around the room so you have 100% privacy with plenty of natural light.

Popular & Economical
Frosted glass is a popular and economical privacy window treatment. Open plan offices are very common in today's business world. Installing privacy window film in your boardroom or meeting room is a very inexpensive way to create privacy without cutting out the natural light. Our frosted window films come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Please phone (0414 547 948)
or email us now to discuss your requirements,
we look forward to your call.

Experienced Installers
We are Experienced Window Frosting Installers.
We have many years of window frosting experience in Australia. We have frosted everything from Corporate offices for International Companies in Sydney, to a single bathroom window in Bondi, and everything in between.


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