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Clean Power & Dirty Power
Tips to Better Protect your Electrical Devices. Power Related Problems, Power Surges, Power Loads, Power Conditioners, Spikes, Sags, Brownouts, and much more.


Damage / Causes / Effects / Solutions

Power related problems cost time and money. Even a small problem can cause huge interuptions to work with loss of data. Larger problems can cause severe damage to computer systems and telephone systems. Even injury to people can occur. With the installation of some power protection devices as listed - the risk can be greatly reduced.

Causes, Effects & Solutions

Surges / Power Loads
Resulting in potential damage. Suggested Solution: Power conditioner or Uninteruptible Power Supply with voltage regulation.

These are short term, low voltage brownouts, created by startup of large loads/lightning/utility switching and equipment failure. Suggested Solution: Powerline conditioner / U.P.S. with under and over voltage.

Spikes cause data corruption, data lockups, and immense hardware damage. Suggested solution: U.P.S. with surge suppressor or mains spike/filter.

RF Noise
Creates a rough and jagged sinewave. Noise can be generated even by normal computer operation. It causes keyboard lockups, program freezes and data corruption. Suggested solution: U.P.S. and noise filter. RF noise filter.

Protective Devices
Your computer system and data is valuable. Please contact a local agent in your area for an obligation free evaluation on how you can better protect your equipment.

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (U.P.S.)
  • Powerline Filters
  • Dataline Protection & Communication Protection
  • Surge & Lightning Protection