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Happiness & Profits.
Author: Michael Bourne. A Better Lifestyle and Healthy Profits Come from Filling Your Day With Core Business / High Pay-off Activities, Knowing & Nurturing Your Clients, Offering Bundle Deals, Working on Average Dollar Sale, Learning from Mentors, Coaches & Reading, and Start Systemising Your Daily Routines.


Author: Michael Bourne

Don't waste your time, energy, profits and sanity on non-core business activities unless you plan to expand into that area. And even then - expanding into other areas should be a considered response and not a knee jerk reaction to someones suggestions.

If your not chasing and filling up your day with your core activities you may be slowly killing your own motivation and your business. 21 years experience in our own business has taught us this, and we have proven time and time again that it is more efficient, more enjoyable and more profitable to focus on chasing your core business activities. And why wouldn't you want to focus on something you enjoy and are good at? "You need every sale you can get" I hear you say - WRONG! That is a classic trap. If you fill your working hours with core (high pay-off) activities then the profits from those efforts can be substansially higher and substantially more rewarding. You will also free up more time to work "ON" your business. Twice we have been nominated for the Growth Category in the Small Business Awards and each time it was when we made a concerted effort to focus on core activities like a laser.

Do you know how many clients you have? (we currently have 715). Do you know who your clients are? (Yes! and we make the effort to know them). Do you know their purchase history and frequency of re-ordering? (Yes! Knowing this information helps with Sales Forecasting). Do you try and pre-empt a re-order and periodically stay in touch with your clients? (We do... We try and spend roughly 2 hours EVERY day contacting our clients. This is mostly an enjoyable task. We keep it short and sweet. We do not pester the clients, just a quick courtesy call to see if they are ready to re-order (our forecasting is often correct and the client often says "You must by psychic! I was planning on calling you this week"). This is a great opportunity to offer new products or bundling. We ask for a realistic re-contact date (6 months from most) and update our Calendar Reminder System (We use Google Calendar with Email reminders). From experience - we have found the best times to call are usually between 11am-11:45am and between 2pm-2:45pm. ALSO - Try and take notes regarding the BEST person to speak with (and keep this list up-to-date as staff occasionally move on).

There is a reason that McDonalds asks every customer if they would like "fries with that?" and it's because that simple question takes very little time or effort to ask yet it generates a much higher average dollar sale and profit per transaction than if the question had never been asked. We found the same to be true in our own business, and after trying it ourselves we found that our average dollar sale almost doubled over the 2 week sale monitoring period (from $165 to $330).

Over the years we have been privy to some fantastic coaches, mentors and books. They include (and are not limited to): Tim Mole (Technology Centres Australia), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad / Poor Dad, and Cashflow Quadrant), E-Myth by Michael Gerber, Mean Business by Al Dunlap, and Anthony McNab (Prosperity Business).

By focussing on these simple steps (Core, Bundle, Reminders, Mentors) and applying them into our daily business routine (systemising) our turnover AND OUR PROFIT increased by $30,000 in the following financial year. We achieved this whilst working a FOUR DAY WEEK on average (a 5 day week in the previous financial year). Take baby steps if you must- but MAKE time to take at least ONE baby step per day.

The Infotek3000 Business Network is roughly a 2000 page website, offering Business Directory Advertising as an affordable boost to your current marketing efforts. For more information about this affordable and tax deductible investment please visit www.infotek3000.com

Michael Bourne is the founder and part owner of the Infotek3000 Business Network, which was established in 1996. Michael holds an Advanced Diploma of Information Technology with High distinction and has also studied Systems Analysis & Design, discrete mathematics, and Management.

Article written 31/10/2013
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