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Building an Awesome Team.
You must identify the tactics, strategies and tools which empower your people and build individuals into an awesome team. Identify how each individuals actions affect the group as a whole. Implement strategies that will improve efficiency, gain acceptance and generally empower your work environment. Develop skill sets that help participants become stronger, more confident, and focused on the good of the entire organization. Skills such as public speaking, listening, conflict resolution, gaining enthusiastic cooperation from team members, memory, problem-solving, and the ability to develop more leaders within the organisation.


12 Considerations

Total Management

  • Culture
  • Attitude
  • Values
  • Environment
  • Appreciation
  • Training


  • High Performance Cultures
  • Managing Multigenerational Workforces
  • Systems vs Sales


  • Leadership
  • Team Morale


  • Aligning Company Values


  • Inspiring Workplaces
  • Workplaces of the Future


  • Career Development Path
  • Role of Training & Personal Development
  • Creativity not Productivity


  • Power of Praise - STORE model

Managing Your Mindset

  • Managing a Slump
  • Blame, Excuse, Denial
  • Ownership & Responsibility
  • Being Accountable
  • BE -> Do -> Have

Building Your Team

  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Selection Techniques
  • Organisational Charts
  • Roles & Job Descriptions

Retaining Your Team

  • Role of Leadership
  • Team Morale & Company Culture
  • Team Energy Management
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Career Path & Development

Inspiring Your Team

  • Continuous Improvement & Growth
  • Winners Win, Loser Lose
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Change Management
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Facilitation of FUN

Good To Great

  • Building a High Performance Team
  • Who's on the Bus?
  • Who's Driving?
  • Humble Leadership
  • Hedgehog Principle - Stay Focussed
  • Where are we going?