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Stelzer Family Opals Australia
Alaric Opal Mine, Direct from the Mine to You. Opal Mining, Opal Processing, Open Cut Mining, Blocking Out, Cutting & Polishing, Unique Opal Gemstone, Australia's National Gemstone. Specialising in Boulder Opal: Rough, Cut, Specimens or Necklaces. We can bring the product to you: Any Quantity, Any Quality, Any Colour, Shape, Size, or Pattern. Provide us with a Contact to have Jewellery custom made to suit you. Our Customers Can Expect Quality Assurance Opal & Cutting. Only Solid Stones (no doublets or triplets), Consistent Pricing. Quilpie Qld, Torrington Qld, Australia-wide.


Specialising in Boulder Opal

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Quilpie Mine
Quilpie, QLD, 4480, Australia

Jodie & Koen
Mobile: 0428 346 201
Email: australian.opal@gmail.com

"Cutting & Polishing" Enquiries
Colin & Tanya Stelzer
Mobile: 0425 751 916

General Enquieis
& "Rough" Sales

At the Mine (Quilpie QLD) - Eric Stelzer
Email: ericstelzer@bigpond.com
Phone: (07) 4656 4830
Mobile: 0400 653 159
Torrington (NSW) - Sue Stelzer
Phone/Fax: (02) 6734 6201

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