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Roofing Matters.
Roof repairs, re-roofing specialists, hail damage, storm damage, roof damage, metal roof installations, metal roof repairs, tile roof repairs, existing homes, other buildings & structures. Insurance company work, small jobs, corporate roofing projects. From Byron Bay to Taree, based in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia.


Sydney & Mid North Coast NSW

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Mid North Coast
+ Sydney Metro



NSW Lic.193801c

Works Manager: Steve Strange
NSW 2450 Australia

Mobile: 0402 444 773
Email: info@roofingmatters.com.au

Important Insurance Information
You don't need to wait for months to have your roof repaired. As you are the customer, you have the right to the repairer of your choice. Don't be bullied into accepting just any repairer that your insurer has chosen, that choice is yours if you wish. You can choose another repairer so long as that repairer is willing to complete the repairs for the same price your insurer has agreed to pay. If you have been told that you have months to wait for your roof to be repaired, and you would rather it be done sooner than later, Roofing Matters may be of service to you.

5 Steps

  1. Get a copy of your insurers approved quote.
  2. Upon inspection of the quote, we will supply you
    a matching quote. If you are happy to proceed, you will need to ...
  3. Request your insurer to send out the cheque to you, with payment drawn out to Roofing Matters.
  4. We will confirm colours of materials and prepare for works to take place.
  5. When you receive payment from your insurer or confirmation of your request, we will complete the works.
It is better for us if your insurer sends out the cheque to you prior to the works being completed, although not all insurers will do that. Some insurers are slow payers.