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Monadelphous Engineering
Engineering Construction, Maintenance and Industrial Services, Electrical and Instrumentation Services, The MIE Division, Aviation Support Services, Australia.



Head Office
Eastern Seaboard Region
Monadelphous Engineering Pty Ltd
Phone: : +617 3368 6700
Fax: +617 3368 6777
Mobile: 0439 946 087

Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills STP Project Team NSW Australia


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Level 5, 301 Coronation Drive, Milton, Queensland 4064 Australia
PO Box 1872, Milton, Queensland 4064 Australia

About Monadelphous Engineering
Monadelphous is a leading national engineering group providing extensive engineering construction, maintenance and industrial services to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. Monadelphous has operated for over 30 years and has a solid track record in the safe and reliable delivery of major multi-disciplinary construction projects and maintenance and industrial services for customers throughout Australia. Recognised as a highly customer-focused organisation, Monadelphous is uniquely capable of providing value solutions for a diversity of customer requirements. Since the company’s public listing in 1987, Monadelphous has demonstrated a steady growth in revenue, profit and earnings. In 2007 sales revenue reached a record $963.7 million. The company operates from major offices located in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide with local engineering support services provided through fully equipped regional operations located in key resource industry centres around Australia.

Success Through Reputation
The company’s success has been built on a reputation of producing solid, quality work and maintaining a clear customer focus. Monadelphous will always maintain its focus on quality and work to continuously improve the service offering to ensure our reputation is maintained.

To deliver safe and reliable Construction, Maintenance and Industrial Service solutions to Australian Industry.


Monadelphous operates in four business groups: Engineering Construction, Maintenance and Industrial Services, Electrical and Instrumentation Services and Aviation Support Services.

Engineering Construction
The Engineering Construction division provides large scale, multi-disciplinary project management and construction services, including: 1. Fabrication and installation of structural steel, tankage, mechanical and process equipment and piping. 2. Multi-disciplined construction packages including civil and electrical disciplines. 3. Plant commissioning. 4. Demolition and remediation works. 5. Turnkey design and construct services. - Drawing on a remarkably diverse skill set, this division has the expertise to provide multi-discipline engineering for major construction projects in all phases from concept through to commissioning.

Maintenance and Industrial Services
The Maintenance and Industrial Services Division offers:
Fixed and mobile plant maintenance
Capital works
Shutdown planning, management and execution
Dragline and shovel shutdown and maintenance
Instrumentation and electrical services
Specialist concrete and structural maintenance
Labour and equipment hire
With a network of offices around Australia, the Maintenance and Industrial Services division has the capability to service long term contracts as well as to mobilise quickly and efficiently for more specialist services.

Electrical and Instrumentation Services
Electrical and Instrumentation Services are provided by MIE a wholly owned subsidiary of Monadelphous Group Limited.

The MIE Division offers:
Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Instrumentation Design
The MIE website can be viewed be via

Aviation Support Services
Aviation Support Services are provided by Skystar Airport Services a wholly owned subsidiary of Monadelphous Group Limited.
The Skystar Airport Services Division offers:
Full service desk support
All check-in and ticketing functions
Advanced passenger check-in
Embarking/disembarking of passengers
Arrivals/departures information line
Special needs passenger assistance
Baggage services
Loading/unloading of passenger baggage
Loading/unloading of freight
Co-ordination of aircraft refuelling
Flight planning assistance
Flight editing
Weight and balance (load control)
Lavatory and water services
Aircraft push back and towing services
Marshalling of aircraft
Cabin cleaning
GSE maintenance services
Arrangement of other services not listed above (i.e. refuelling, payment of landing/airport fees, catering, etc.)
The Skystar website can be viewed be via