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Port PC & Electronic Services
Computer Repairs, Computer Upgrades, Computer Maintenance, System Builds, Video Repairs, DVD Repairs, Car Stereo Installation. Port Macquarie NSW Australia.


Port Macquarie NSW

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Port PC & Electronic Services
A name you can trust!
2/15 Short Street
Port Macquarie 2444
NSW Australia


Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance & Builds
Mobile: 0410 036 047 (Dave Walters)
Email: portpce1@tpg.com.au

Car & Media
Car Stereo Installations, Video/DVD Repairs
Mobile: 0447 880 613 (Michael Stevenson)
Email: portpce1@tpg.com.au

Computing Department
Dave specialises in building a computer to suit your personal or business needs, from just the tower, to a whole system including monitors, keyboards and printers. Virus, Spyware and Trojan removal and installing/updating the programs that help remove them. Home and Business Internet needs, Data Recovery from Damaged Drives, Old Towers and Storage Devices.

Electronics Department
Mike is a specialist repairer in all car audio needs and installations. He also repairs general electronics including VCR, DVD, home stereo’s, small TV’s, X-Box and Playstation’s.

Internet Cafe
Are you looking for somewhere to catch up with friends and family while you are in Port Macquarie? “Port PC & Electronic Services provide Top Quality Products and Service Solutions to help our Customers Manage their Business and Personal Needs”.

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