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Every Body Personal Training.
Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, Cardio Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance. Offering One-on-one Personal Training, Private Studio, State-of-the-Art Equipment.


Port Macquarie NSW

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Shop 2
233 Hastings River Drive
Port Macquarie 2444
NSW Australia

About Us / Personal Training / Classes / Super Camp

Phone: (02) 6584 5001

Graeme Lawlor: 0413 871 207

Who is 'Everybody'?
Everybody Personal Training are a personal training business catering for all facets of health and fitness for all body types. Graeme Lawlor, owner and trainer has achieved excellence in more than one sporting arena having played semi pro rugby league and competed and won several physique competitions. Along with many years experience in personal training, his extensive qualification gained through the Fitness Institute of Australia provides support in all areas of fitness, and his ability to relate to clients on all levels ensures your success. Every Body Personal Training is registered and insured with Sports Cover Australia.

What's on Offer?
One on one or group personal training
Group outdoors sessions
Corporate boxing
Corporate bootcamp

How personal training will benefit you
Give you a plan to help achieve your goals fast.
Motivate you to achieve your goals.
Provide a fun variety of exercises to keep you focused.
Increase energy levels / decrease stress levels / better overall health.
Help you find time in your busy lifestyle for exercise.


Personal Training
We offer personal and group training programs to suit everybody based on their individual goals and budgets, we provide a fully equiped air-conditioned studio that's private, close to town and has ample parking.

Weight Loss
Full packages include one on one personal training, group boxing and outdoor sessions, regular measurments and assesments, nutritional guides and ongoing support.

General Fitness
Full packages include one on one indoor and outdoor sessions, on going fitness assessments, group boxing and outdoors sessions.

Initial assessment and injury management plan. Full rehabilitation program based on correspondence with your health professional. On going assessments, management and recommendations.

Sports performance training
Researched training programs to suit your individual needs. Strength and conditioning for enhance performance. On going fitness and strength testing.

Strength and Conditioning
Whether it’s strength for everyday life, sport or work we will have a program that will suit your needs along with many years of personal experience in this field will ensure the best results possible.

Personal Training
If you have a friend or family member who you would like to exercise with, then group personal training is for you. Every body personal training can train up to 4 people at a time, so husbands and wifes, family or friends, we will design a program to suit your group!


Group Outdoor Training
Every body personal training offers two group outdoors sessions per week.

Group Boxing
Group boxing is a great way to get fit, toned and have fun at the same time. It is a 50 minute class that is generally held outdoors. This can be used in conjunction with your one on one training, or all on its own giving you a greater variety to your training. This form of training suits all levels of fitness, as you will be paired with someone of similar fitness, allowing you to work within your fitness range.

What they say:-
I find it to be a great stress relief and fun at the same time. (Lisa Brisco).
I love boxing. it's a great workout after a day at work, it really gets my blood pumping. (Cathy Cavanaugh)

Group Outdoors
Outdoors training is a great way to soak up all that port Macquarie has to offer, taking in the many locations of this beautiful coastline, while exercising with a fun group of like minded and highly motivated people. So if you want to be challenged and get great results with your fitness this one is for you! Come and join in on our 6am Friday morning session with locations to be advised.

What they say:-
Being in a group provides a great fun environment that makes me work harder. (Michelle Moore)
I never thought I would be able to run as much but Graeme gets you to believe in yourself. (Mal Neile) `


Corporate Boxing

What we offer

  • A 45 minute boxing class designed to increase staff energy levels by improving overall health and fitness, building strengthbalance and co-ordination and reducing back pain.
  • Sessions are run in an outdoor area convenient to the office’s location, with a start date and time that suits you and your staff.

How our class will benefit your company

Aims of the class are to:

  • decrease the number of staff sick days
  • provide an outlet for stress
  • improve staff productivity and efficiency
  • generate team work and build camaraderie outside the office
  • create clearer thinking under pressure to build better solutions
  • improve overall job satisfication
  • decrease staff turnover
  • help employees ‘switch on’ whilst at work

So if your looking for a cost effective way to create a healthier and happier Team, book your Corporate Boxing Class today!


Corporate Bootcamp

What we offer

  • A 5 week Bootcamp program which can be held at lunch times and on Saturday mornings.
  • Bootcamp runs for 2 x 1 hour sessions per week.
  • All sessions programmed in different locations throughout the Port Macquarie region.
  • Full fitness assessments conducted prior and at conclusion of program.
  • A program that provides a safe environment for all fitness levels.

How our class will benefit your company

Aims of the class are to:

  • Generate team work and build camaraderie outside the office.
  • Increase staff energy levels by improving overall health and fitness, building strength balance and co-ordination and reducing back pain.
  • Decrease the number of staff sick days.
  • Provide an outlet for stress.
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency.
  • Create clearer thinking under pressure to build better solutions.
  • Improve overall job satisfaction.
  • Decrease staff turnover.
  • Help employees ‘switch on’ whilst at work.

So if your looking for a cost effective way to create a healthier and happier Team, book your Corporate Training Class today!