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Jon Kennedy.
Blo 'n' Go Wall-mounted Breathalyser Unit Sales Representative, Industry Consultant and BBX Ambassador, please contact Jon Kennedy for any of the afore-mentioned products or services.


Northern NSW to the Gold Coast QLD

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Based in Coffs Harbour
Coffs Harbour 2450
NSW Australia

Jon Kennedy
Mobile: 0432 372 766
Email: jon@blongo.com.au

Jon F. Kennedy, Consultant (Linkedin Page)

Blo 'n' Go Representative

Blow 'n' Go is an Australian owned company supplying the world with high quality wall-mounted coin operated Breathalyser equipment through a well-structured and well-managed distribution group. For unit purchasing enquiries please contact Jon Kennedy.

BBX Ambassador

BBX can bring you business that you might not normally attain. This is done through the BBX Barter System. A monthly admin fee and commision is payable, however your traded goods and services might only cost you your wholesale cost of sales. In return you recieve a full sale in barter dollars to be spent with any other BBX member. You recieve a monthly statement just like you would with a credit card. The Australian Tax Office treats 1 barter dollar like 1 cash dollar so the bookkeeping is easy.

If you have any questions or wish to join please contact Jon Kennedy.

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