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Pizza & Ribs on the Run.
Garlic Bread, Super Spud, Chicken Wings, American Style Pork Ribs, Yummy Pizza. South Grafton NSW Australia.


South Grafton NSW

104 Bent Street South Grafton 2460
NSW Australia

Phone: (02) 6642 3257

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About Pizza & Ribs on the Run...
We’re serious when it comes to great quality products and customer service! Each day we get fresh produce to ensure the quality of every pizza, we make our own pizza dough in house. Our garlic bread is made from homemade garlic butter on organic rolls collected daily from the Plantation bakery. We’re a locally owned business and celebrate the beauty and exciting atmosphere Grafton has to offer. Drop in and say Hi, we’d love to see you.

We're serious about Service...
We’re passionate when it comes to making great pizzas each and every day! That's why we use fresh ingredients, local organic bread and dough we make personal in house. We know you can't beat quality produce and attention to detail when it comes to making your pizza :)