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All Aspects Farm Services.
Licenced Farm Machinery Servicing & Repair, Fencing Construction, Water Systems Installation Repair, Machinery Operation, Livestock Management, Property Care-taking, General Maintenance. Fully Insured, Licenced, Experienced, Professional.


Cootamundra NSW

NSW Australia

All Aspects Farm Services
Mobile: 0429 959 091
Email: finchy981@gmail.com

Licenced Farm Machinery Servicing & Repair
Licenced Mechanical Repair of all Vehicles, Generators, Farm Implements, Spray Rigs, Tractors and everything in between.

Fencing Construction
All Styles of Fence Design

Water Systems Installation Repair
Water Troughs, Tanks and Irrigation Systems

Machinery Operation
Highly experienced operation of all farm machinery including GPS Guided precision equipment, heavy vehicles

Livestock Management
Cattle and Sheep
Mustering, Drenching, Marking

Property Care-taking
Short and Long-term Contracts

General Maintenance
Name it!

Fully Insured, Licenced, Experienced, Professional