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Coffs City Skydivers.
Tandem Skydive, Learn to skydive, Solo Jump, Accelerated Free-fall Training, Afterlife Boogie, Group Bookings, Package Deals. Coffs City Skydivers is the largest and longest established skydiving centre on the Mid North Coast. Together we have over 25000 jumps logged. Coffs City Skydivers are easily able to cater to your altitude related adrenalin needs.


Coffs Harbour NSW

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(General Aviation Airport)
64 Aviation Drive (PO Box J208)
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Australia


Phone: (02) 66 511 167
Fax: (02) 66 511 094
Mobile: 0400 916 600 (Steve Hill)

Accelerated Freefall Training

AFF - This is a 9 Stage (Jump) course

Designed to put you in the HOT SEAT, straight away with ALL the appropriate training equipment and personnel necessary for … SUCCESS

Ground Training
All necessary training relating to equipment, aircraft, freefall, landings, wind, bodyflight, canopy control and continued education for advancement in this awesome sport. Approximately 8 hours.

Stage 1 - Revision (from ground training) Training specific to this jump and the days condition Skydive from 10,000 feet with two instructors ( not releasing on this stage ). Fly your own canopy assisted by your instructor via radio.. YEEHAH!

Stage 2 - Revision – Training specific to this jump i.e. 90º turns, forward movement. Skydive from 10,000 feet with two instructors (not releasing) Fly your own canopy assisted by your instructor via radio..if needed!! YAHOO!

Stage 3 - Revision – Training specific to this jump i.e. Arm and leg awareness, hover, heading maintenance. SKYDIVE from 10,000º with two instructors, one instructor will release when body flight and basic position is achieved. Canopy flight and landing with radio only if necessary. Very Cool!

Stage 4 - Consolidation of stage three and revision. SKYDIVE from 10,000 º with one instructor once released student ‘hovers’ in front of instructor. Canopy flight and landing (radio only if necessary). AWESOME!

By these later stages the student has shown basic position, body flight, height awareness and basic canopy control.

Stage 5 - 360 º turns. Forward movement and docking.

Stage 6 - Consolidation of stage five and solo exit (instructor beside but not attending.)

Stage 7 - Back loops (extreme fun) and tracking.

Stage 8 - Fast and slow fall, Figure 8’s, Track with 5º turns

Stage 9 - Low altitude exit 4000º – Hop and Pop WOW!

AFF Course Completed! (Prices subject to change. Please speak with Coffs City Divers)
A few more solo jumps to gain your ‘A’ license! Go anywhere hire gear and go SKYDIVING! Course cost start from $2495 (as at 2010). This is an upfront payment which includes a 10% discount. For Pro rata payments, stage by stage, please call Coffs City Skydivers office. We will tailor these courses to your needs with regard $$ and time, so please call us today. Call ASAP so you can join the next plane to the time of your life! - Steve & Lawrence.