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Coffs Coast Pets.
Animal Husbandry Expertise, Breeders of Native & Exotic Birds & Parrots, Qualified Advice. Ray & Jen Chafer specialise in keeping & breeding native & exotic parrots. Qualified & valuable advice on the needs of your pets.


Coffs Coast NSW

1/4 Minorca Place
Toormina 2452
NSW Australia

Coffs Coast Pets Logo
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Online Enquiry
Ray and Jen Chafer
Phone: (02) 6653 3118
Fax: (02) 6653 3119

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Ray and Jen Chafer
Ray and Jen are the proud owners of COFFS COAST PETS. They are focused on providing you with healthy, fun and family focused pets that will fit in with your lifestyle and needs. We are also able to offer specialised knowledge on all pets, fish and animals that we sell.

Ray Chafer
Ray has Tertiary Qualifications in Applied Science and has spent over 25 years working in the Zoo, Veterinary and Medical Research Industries. Ray has also spent many years of his life working in managerial capacities at Dreamworld, Cairns Tropical Zoo and the Pet Porpoise Pool.

Jen Chafer
Jen also has over 25 years of experience working as Zookeeper at Dreamworld and Cairns Troplical Zoo. Jen has also worked with schools as a Wildlife Educator.