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Dragon Kung-fu & Tai-chi School.
Australia Tai-chi Lessons | Kung-fu Lessons (Wing Chun Kung Fu / Dragon Kung Fu Style), Kalli Lessons, Ground Fighting Lessons. North Lakes to Redcliffe, Morayfield to Chermside, Sandgate to Strathpine, & up to Bribie Island. Tai Chi & Kung Fu group training is offered with a 'come to you' service. One-on-one training, group lessons, teenagers to elderly, 'come to you' service available, appointment only, suit your schedule, individual personal training.


Wing Chun, Mango Hill, Brisbane, QLD

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Mango Hill &
Brisbane's Northern Suburbs
QLD Australia

Kung-fu / Tai-chi / Jujitsu / Wrestling / Self Defence / Kalli

Open 7 Days
Flexible hours to suit you
Try it before you commit

Contact Simon Marriott
Mobile: 0448 257 751

What is Dragon KungFu School?
A Self Defence for people that don’t like violence, but want to be able to defend themselves and their family. Dragon Kung-Fu (a derivative of Wing Chun) was developed by Nuns approximately 350 years ago in China. The style incorporates simple direct moves, which can be learned by people of all ages and fitness levels. Developed by a female - the style relies on mental alertness and physical sensitivity, rather than brute force. After a Few Months Training, the self-defence aspect becomes secondary to the challenge and enjoyment of learning a skilled art. Chief Instructor Simon Marriott more than 20 Years of practical experience in the Security Industry. He uses realistic down to earth training methods in modern facilities.

About Simon Marriott
Simon has trained both locally and internationally for a period of 24 years. Under the guidance of some of the worlds best martial arts teachers, Simon has trained under a disciple of Wong Shong Loong and Wong Kuo who were trained by the Grand Master Yip Man. Grand Master Yip Man is renowned for having trained Bruce Lee. Simon has also fought in a number of tournaments. He won the North Queensland Kickboxing Championships in 1991 and was a finalist in the 1993 and 1994 Netherlands National Wing Chun Championships. Simon’s experience spans 20 years into the security industry. He has worked in nightclubs, hotels, and top-class resorts throughout Australia. Simon uses a realistic approach when dealing with the general public. All of Simon’s courses and training methods incorporate this “down-to-earth” philosophy. Whilst working in the security industry, Simon would aim toward resolving problems in an un-obtrusive and diplomatic manner, while maintaining good patronage. This philosophy carries forward into his training methods and also into student’s day-to-day situations.

Self Defence Training Methods
used by Simon Marriott

Diaphramic breathing & focusing of the senses.
Triple heater balancing exercise (Chi Gung).
Visualising the fighting picture.

Forming the Bridge

The Centre-Line Elbow & Wrist Principles:-

Low block (Garn Sow),
High block (Bill Sow),
Punch + chain punch,
rear + front Grab (Larp Sow),
Side cutting hand (Pay Sow),
Wing-arm block (Boong Sow),
Sweeping hand.

Four corner blocking (Bill punch + garn punch),
Boong Sow / Larp Pay / Larp Pock

Opponent has grabbed you from behind:
Around the neck,
Around both arms,
Around the waist.

Other Systems
By the Wrist from the Side, Strategic Thinking, Body Positioning, Distancing, and Verbalisation.

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