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Don't Boil the Beans Book.
Kerry Greenwood, Australian Author. Her book is a story about Marriage, Vunerability, Naivety, Emotional Abuse, Raw Emotions, Sadness, Dreams, Courage, Integrity, Trust, Belief, Friendship, and at times - Humor. Kerry's Story is one which is Hopeful for a Better Future, and for a Better Life. Books Sold in Australia.


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ISBN: 978 174 284 0871

Author: K Greenwood

Size: 5 x 8 inches

Don't Boil the Beans Cover Page

Kerry Greenwood (Author of Don't Boil the Beans)
About the Author

Kerry Greenwood
Kerry was born in England, and first came to Australia in 1986. She finally emigrated here in 2004. An avid reader, she has spent most of her life dreaming of one day becoming a writer. She loves psychology, learning about personal development, and all things to do with well being for the mind, body and soul. Don’t Boil The Beans! is her first novel. Kerry lives a quiet life, encouraging peace and harmony into her world. She still believes in a happy ever after.

The Storyline
"Don't Boil the Beans" is a story about a marriage that was doomed from the start. This book shows the character's vunerability (and naivety) when she truly believes things will work out. Raw emotions are reflected, yet she remains (at times) humorous, forever hopeful, and always retains her dreams. And her "dreams" start to make you wonder who actually is out of control. A journey to show that emotional abuse and sadness can be overcome, and to never under estimate the power of friendship, courage, and hope. This story also shows the character's integrity and willingness to grow as a person, as she strives for a better life and future.

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