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About us > Goals.
To become a global leader in online business research, marketing & promotion. We are developing a Website which is easily found, easy to understand, popular & safe to do to transactions on. The site will provide entertainment, resources & information. Members will utilise the site regularly & refer visitors.

Affiliations bring about many new, exciting & unforseen opportunities. We are currently affiliated with over 1000 firms throughout Australia and globally.

Virtual Kiosks
We wish to establish working "kiosks" on our website. Each kiosk draws information from our suppliers servers about their business. When a clients purchases from our supplier through our website, we generate a commission or spotters fee. The customer recieves their goods directly from you. We are open to suggestions on this.

DBMS with E-Commerce
We wish to develop a solid Database Management System with fully customisable search. Once established, shoppers will be able to easily find a product, service, or business and order online without having to leave the page they are on.

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