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Debtors List of Shame.
This is a list a debtors that have become close to impossible to retrieve our money from them. If you are on this list then you need to make an effort to pay your debt and get off this list as soon as possible. Thank you to those debtors that responded & have paid their debt (Their names have been removed from this list).

Paul Mahoney Owes $352+
Pay this debt to clear your name
Formerly of Red Chief Monster Truck & Fireworks Spectaculars, Port Macquarie NSW Australia. Apparently poor health. We extended his terms and offered him a payment option. Months passed and Paul made no effort to repay. Paul has since vanished. Have since seen him in News Articles with his Monster Truck. We believe he may now be living in either Wauchope or Macksville. Any info would be appreciated.

Chris Carr owes $472+
Pay this debt to clear your name
Also known as Chris Hoye, Chris Sona, Sona EFX & Sir Inkalot. Formerly of Shindig Productions followed by DJ'ing in Coffs Harbour then at a Tattoo Shop in Coffs Harbour. 21/04/2009 - Inv.AA62, 1000 Business Cards + Web Advertising for $198. At Chris's request we extended his terms by 1 month. Over the next 3 Months we struck hollow promises & excuses, then we issued a 30 Day Letter of Demand. Flaunts his bling, toys & lifestyle on Facebook. (Chris Blocked me). 26/11/2010 - Court Judgement Made. Statement of Liquidated Claim for $335 + Court Filing Fee of $83 + Agent Service Fee of $54 = $472. Couldn't recover the money owed at the time of the judgement due to a legal technicality (he was a guest of Her Majesty). The debt remain active. Am still looking for Chris. Any info would be appreciated.

BIG Scott owes $198+
Pay this debt to clear your name
The debt was incurred when Scott purchased Business Cards for Independent Detailing in Coffs Harbour (Previously of Platinum Car Care and VIP Car Care, and the Chicken Shop in Woolgoolga. Scott kept promising payment. All hollow promises. His business seemed to be struggling even to stay open so we offered that he detail our car to clear the debt. Scott agreed to this yet couldn't even manage to do that. FAIL! His detailing business disappeared shortly there-after. The debt remains active. Am searching for Scott. Any info would be appreciated.

Salinder (Singh) Salindera owes $318
Pay this debt to clear your name
Formerly of the Raj Mahal, Woolgoolga NSW Australia. Salinder asked me to invoice him of behalf of his grand-daughters (now ex) boyfriend. The purchase was for Wine Salesman Business Cards. The invoice was for $198. Shortly thereafter the young man left the business and Salinder turned around and denied responsibility for the invoice. Court costs blew out the debt to $318. We took the matter to court, however mysteriously, neither party recieved a court notice and the matter was struck off (highly suspicious). The debt remains active. Am still looking for Salinder. Any info would be appreciated.

Susan Shawag owes $110+
Pay this debt to clear your name
Formerly of The African Shop, Monterey Arcade, Coffs Harbour. Paid a deposit on 2000 DL Flyers. Didn't pay the balance. Seemed oblivious to the full cost. Poor Communicator. We are not even sure if she knows what she has done wrong. We witheld half of the goods until full payment recieved (never happened). Shop dissappeared a few months later. Now on Facebook. The debt remains active. Am still looking for Susan.

Phil Andersen owes $1000+
Pay this debt to clear your name
Formerly of Snyper Aluminium Boats Coffs Harbour, followed by Viper Boats on the Gold Coast and in Raleigh NSW. A deposit was made on the original invoice of $352, however the balance was never paid. When the balance was paid by cheque it bounced. We did not immediately find out because the Credit Union returned the cheque to our previous address despite us updating our details at the branch months earlier. At the first sign of trouble we offered Phil a Payment Plan. He refused. Phil kept moving house, which made the Sheriffs office look like a joke. Rules about religious observance invalidated a Writ I served on Phil. Finally - a Writ was served on Phil on the afternoon before its expiration, however the courthouse closed before I could submit the Served Writ to the courthouse for a hearing. Even though I had successfully served the Writ no automatic extention was given. I took up this matter with the Local Member to no avail. What a Joke! Debt recovery gradually blew to over $1000. Finally the ITSA got their hand on Phil and I recieved nothing, not even a phone call from the ITSA to say what was going on. Phil legally avoided the debt, however he could still make amends. Many years later I spoke with Phil on Facebook. I asked him to become an A Grade Customer and pay for all future orders up-front. He declined, claiming he could not afford 500 Business Cards. To be continued.

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